Looking for an Excuse to Visit Berlin?

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Looking for an excuse to visit Berlin? Try EcoPrint, the world’s first exhibition 100% focused on sustainable print production. EcoPrint Europe LIVE 2012 will held in September 26–27 and will focus on print production for retail, interiors, point of purchase, and packaging.

While we might think of “sustainable print” as focusing on things like low-VOCs consumables, recycled stocks, and environmental certifications, it is equally about production efficiency, waste reduction, and implementation of effective process management. It is also about producing smart marketing campaigns that reduce unnecessary print and waste.

In other words, whether you are the one buying the print or producing it, “eco-printing” is not only good for the planet, it’s good for the bottom line, too.

Also on the docket is discussion about brand and retailer pledges, greenwashing, and the need to comply with new environmental legislation. So whether you’re a marketer, agency, designer, or service provider, if you’re serious about sustainable practices, this is an event you want to seriously consider.

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