“Super Green” Adults Now 5% of the Population

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According to new research, what we might call “super green” adults are now 5% of the U.S. population. Since they cluster in the high income bracket, we are likely to see that influence multiplied across the general population as these consumers are targeted by advertisers more and more. That’s a really good thing.

New data from Scarborough Research indicates that “super green” adults — defined as those who engage in 10 or more green activities, such as recycling and using rechargeable batteries — are . . .

  • 76% more likely than the average adult to have an annual household income of $150K or greater
  • More likely to own homes valued above $500K
  • Own second homes
  • Far more likely than the average adult to spend upwards of $500 annually on luxury products

As reported by Research Brief, Deirdre McFarland, vice president of marketing, Scarborough Research, notes that “… today’s environmentalists have traded sandals and hemp for cashmere and a Lexus… any marketer who wants to capture the American high spending population could benefit from green-focused marketing, promotions and products.”

More advertising and marketing focus on environmental sustainability is something we can be very happy about. The Scarborough Research data speaks very clearly to the relationship between high income brackets and concern about the environment. This will translate into more and more focus in the marketing world on green issues related to product marketing.

We all know how much consumers like to mirror the super rich. While that might not be a great thing in some areas (like knock-off watches and purses), this is one area in which it is.

Speaking of which, I need to dump my compost here directly . . .

For more on the report, click here.

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