Greenprint Denver at a Glance

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In his State of the City address on July 12, 2006, Mayor Hickenlooper announced a long-term, citywide initiative called Greenprint Denver to promote the importance of sustainable development and ecologically-friendly practices throughout the community.

With a comprehensive action plan, the city aims to integrate environmental impact considerations into its programs and policies.  Below is a brief overview of the action items outlined by Greenprint Denver:

  • Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
  • Increase City Forest Coverage
  • Reduce Waste
  • Utilize Renewable Energies
  • Increase Green Built Affordable Housing
  • Implement City Green Building Policy
  • Expand City’s Green Motor Fleet
  • Promote and Leverage Mass Transit
  • Improve, Protect and Conserve Water
  • Promote Green Industry Economic Development

Click here to download the complete Greenprint Denver Action Agenda

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