Mercury Cafe Plans to Put Power-producing Windmills Atop Her Restaurant

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The Denver Post recently reported that Mercury Cafe owner Marilyn Megenity expects to have done something rarely seen in metro Denver: built two power-generating windmills atop her popular restaurant downtown.  Despite several potential drawbacks including, weak winds, height restrictions, neighborhood opposition, lack of rebates and relatively low electric rates, she hopes that her $20,000 investment – entailing two 12-foot rooftop-mounted windmills plus six solar-electric panels – will have a five- to 10 year pay back period.

Despite less than ideal performance, wind energy in Colorado has continued to grow.  Last year, 8,400 small wind-powered structures were sold, compared with 4,700 in 2004, according to the American Wind Energy Association.

Click here for the full story from the Denver Post.  Thank you TJ for the tip!

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