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Google Funds Free EV Community Shuttles in Mountain View, CA

(Originally published on Planetsave.com) Four new 100% electric community shuttle buses have hit the road in the beautiful Silicon Valley city of Mountain View, California. The four electric shuttles are free to the public, thanks to Google, and are equipped with seating for 16 passengers, a wheelchair lift, space for two wheelchairs, Wi-Fi connectivity, and bicycle

San Francisco Reopens Palace of Fine Arts, Co-Sponsored by AT&T

Mayor Edwin M. Lee joined with business, civic and community leaders on Wednesday, Dec. 03 to launch PPIE100, a yearlong celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE).  The PPIE was the focus of the 1915 World’s Fair, celebrating the completion of the Panama Canal. San Francisco, which had just emerged from the ashes of

The Hospital That Heals The Earth (Part II)

Federal Government Asks Fletcher Allen to Teach the Nation How to Scale Local Sourcing in Healthcare (Part II: Taking Local From Trendy to Essential) “The Hospital That Heals The Earth” is a two-part series on the intersection of sustainability innovation and healthcare at Fletcher Allen Health Care in Burlington, Vermont. Part 1 of the series

Bike Resources In Pittsburgh

There were so many great comments and questions on my Green-Savvy Entrepreneurship in One of the United States’ Most Sustainable Cities piece that I wanted to post a follow up.   So I did a bit of digging to see where Pittsburgh stands on an automatic bicycle program; and the answer is…

Why is Korea Cutting Chicago’s Carbon Emissions?

Apega/WENN Today’s Chicago Tribune business section has a stunning report on the Republic of South Korea’s $25 million plan to reduce energy consumption at some of downtown Chicago’s largest skyscrapers. The operation will focus on retrofitting HVAC and lighting systems in up to 14 buildings. Joining Korea in the agreement are the Building Owners and

eBay Introduces New Green Team – Advises on Green Shipping

Several months ago, online auction giant eBay announced its new green team – 1000 employees gathered together to help make a difference in the planet through small steps.

Although it can be argued that the increased use of shippers and shipping of items by eBay is decidedly NOT green – noone can argue that eBay has kept LOTS of stuff otherwise destined for the landfills from being thrown away. The new green site informs us that 86 million buyers and sellers on eBay have reused over $100B worth of products since 1998.

Tests Are Over But American Banks Are Still Stressed

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/v/qHc5NaaZvrc&hl=en&fs=1] Economist, James Galbraith, on bank stress tests The results of bank stress tests released this week, do not bear good news. The bottom line is that at  total of $75 billion needs to be raised from 10 major banks to prop them up for losses that could come from a deepening recession. Here is

Urban Garden as Sustainable Business in New Orleans

Good ideas have a life of their own. That’s what Paul Baricos, Executive Director of the Hollygrove Growers Market and Farm (HGMF) in New Orleans is learning two years after the Carrolton-Hollygrove Community Development Center (CHCDC) set out to figure out how to bring fresh produce to a neighborhood with no real access to affordable food.

Electric Innovation

Changing consumer behavior can be a slow painful process. Not only does it require educational efforts but often widespread systemic conformity is required. However innovation has radically altered some of our most fundamental behaviors. Globally, we now access cash from a machine and we carry and use mobile phones for a significant percentage of our calling. Its this type of basic change that will be required to have significant impact on socially and environmentally responsible consumption habits.

Supply Side Economics: Transforming Carbon Emissions Into Useful Products

Carbon Sciences, Inc. has developed an innovative technology to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) – which is implicated in the issue of global warming – into a number of commercially useful, earth-friendly carbon products. The company calls this technology advance: GreenCarbon Technology. The aim is to extract value from carbon emissions by transforming the gas into a product that holds commercial value.

Rockies Venture Club

Rockies Venture Club (RVC) was one of the first non-profit organizations in the country to help entrepreneurs launch and manage high-growth potential companies. Founded in 1985, RVC is the Rocky Mountain Region’s premier networking organization that connects entrepreneurs, service professionals, investors, venture capitalists and other funding sources.

Eighteenth Annual Legislative Breakfast on Women’s Issues

The Eighteenth Annual Legislative Breakfast on Women’s Issues this year we will be covering Women in Action Women in Politics. This year our keynote speaker: Lieutenant Governor Barbara O’Brien and our legislative panelists will be Representative Morgan Carroll, Representative Rosemary Marshall, Representative Ellen Roberts and Senator Nancy Spence. Sign up below to attend this inspirational

Colorado Enterprise Fund

Colorado Enterprise Fund (CEF) is a non-profit community development financial institution founded in 1976 to help small businesses. They provide small business loans up to $150,000 to entrepreneurs who are unable to obtain financing from traditional sources.  Though they are not a bank, they do utilize basic lending guidelines when reviewing a loan application. The

Micro Business Development

Micro Business Development (MBD), a Colorado non-profit organization, was founded in 1993 to eliminate barriers to economic independence for disadvantaged entrepreneurs, both youth and adult, through access to markets, resources, and business capital. MBD offers individualized services tailored to meet each client’s definition of success.  In keeping with this philosophy, MBD has also tailored its

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