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  • Mandatory CSR spending a step closer

    Mandatory CSR spending moved a step closer this week after and announcement by the Indian Ministry of Corporate Affairs that it had received no objections to the controversial Clause 135 of the Companies Bill 2011.  This helps clear the way for the bill to become law sometime next year. Clause 135 states that all businesses […] More

  • Ten Cool Things GM Have Done To Reduce Waste

    In October, General Motors published a blueprint for companies to follow to reduce their waste going to landfill.  Buried within it are ten cool things GM has done to reduce its own landfill waste.  These are: Converting 227 miles of oil soaked booms from the Deepwater Horizon disaster into air deflectors for the Chevvy Volt.  […] More

  • Why it pays BP to be criminal

    Earlier today I was scribbling away furiously trying to keep up with the news that BP admits criminal liability for the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  Then an astounding thought struck me: it’s actually paying BP to be a criminal. My thinking goes something like this. More

  • Introducing the Biodiversity Offset standard

    One of those projects I’ve kept an increasingly excited eye on is the Business and Biodiversity Offset Program (BBOP .. an acronym which always makes me want to dance!). This month is something of a BBOP milestone as they’ve published their very first standard.  This takes the initial 10 principles around which BBOP is based […] More

  • How Will A Carbon Market Drive Economic Land Reform?

    Gazing into the future of a carbon market, two things seem certain: a fundamental change to the economy and sweeping land reforms. There are two well known and highly charged sayings about land: —–agriculture is the foundation of economic growth —–all land use is inherently political The fast approaching world of a carbon market could […] More

  • The Steady State Economy: A New Financial Architecture

    An introduction to the Steady State Economy. Should this be the way globalisation goes? Read the article then add your thoughts below. Previous posts in the “New Economic Architecture Required” series have looked at Wealth & Value, Money & Debt and Growth & Competition. What these very brief analyses have shown is that we, the […] More

  • Business Growth and Competition : New Financial Architecture Required

    Let’s face it, business growth is all about one thing: getting more money out of consumers’ pockets and into company coffers. Why do it, otherwise? And often growth goes hand in hand with competition as companies scrabble to increase their share of a finite market. Trouble is, anti-trust legislation introduces a certain ceiling beyond which […] More

  • Taxpayer Bailouts : The Lie You Need To Know

    I have an issue. A problem, a concern. A nag. It’s an itch, and I just gotta scratch it. It’s this. America, the UK and Iceland have all been bailed out by the taxpayer. You see it and you hear it: “Taxpayer to pump billions of squidoos into financial system” etc. Except it’s a bald […] More

  • Money and Debt : New Financial Architecture Required

    Whenever you take out a loan the temptation is to imagine a big mountain of money in a secure vault somewhere. Your friendly bank manager, a nice affable chap, is on hand doling out credit to any soul who can jump through his hoops. This is miles, no decades, away from the truth. Here’s how […] More

  • Wealth and Value : New Financial Architecture Required

    One of the most commonly preached mantras about the current economic system is that it will “bring wealth to everyone”. This, put politely, is a huge steaming pile of horse manure. Wealth isn’t an absolute measure which will, say, always be three feet long. It’s a comparative measure which is defined by being over a […] More

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