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East Liberty Boulevard Bike Lane in Pittsburgh

There were so many great comments and questions on my Green-Savvy Entrepreneurship in One of the United States’ Most Sustainable Cities piece that I wanted to post a follow up.   So I did a bit of digging to see where Pittsburgh stands on an automatic bicycle program; and the answer is…

I could find no plans for such a system, but what I did find is a wealth of resources for those interested in making biking an integral part of their Pittsburgh lives.  First and foremost Bike Pittsburgh is an invaluable site for bikers.  From trail maps to ways to get involved in advocacy, they are a one stop shop for your Pittsburgh biking needs.  Otherwise, if you’re interested more in the nuts and bolts plans of where Pittsburgh is heading with its biking program check out Mayor Ravenstahl’s 2009 Cyclist and Pedestrian Initiatives and the City of Pittsburgh’s Citywide Bicycle Plan.  These will let you know where Pittsburgh stands and where it’s going to adopt bicycle-friendly policies.  Hope this answers your questions!

I also encourage you all to post Bike Resources for the cities and neighborhoods where you live!

Image Credit: Bike Pittsburgh via © 2002-2009 Bike Pittsburgh

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