Growing Demand for Organic Clothing

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(AP/Seth Wenig)

The Denver Post Reports that , "while organic baby food has developed a strong following in recent years – a $206 million industry last year, according to the most recent figures available from the Organic Trade Association – interest in organic clothes and cleansers is growing as quickly as the kids they target."

According to the article, the sales of organic fibers for infant clothes and cloth diapers rose 40 percent between 2004 and 2005 to $40 million and fiber for the child-teen market grew 52 percent to $3 million. Meanwhile, sales of organic personal-care products, including baby care, rose 34 percent to $26 million.  The organic fiber market is growing as mothers are willing to pay more not only for what they put in their childrens’ bodies, but what they put on them, to ensure that their children are "additive-free." 

Click here for the full story from the Denver Post.  Thank you Michele for the tip!

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