How much will it cost for Europe to go entirely green?

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The European Union has long been ahead of the curve in terms of sustainability efforts and legislative action around carbon emissions, cleaner energy, toxins in consumer products, and the like.

The journey for the EU is well underway and looks to be picking up speed. For instance, pervasive GMO labeling laws across EU member states and Norway’s recent passage of a carbon tax showed the dramatic difference in public opinion and governance for social responsibility between the U.S. and the EU.

This report was recently published, and we thought it was worth sharing. It documents the job and wealth creation, economic advancement, and increased self-resiliency that the EU can achieve through a thorough investment in greening their economy. You heard that right…jobs and economic development are the byproduct of green, not the opposite, as many climate change deniers and fossil fuel industry-funded groups would have you believe.

Trillions Possible From Green Revolution In EU, Report Finds (via Planetsave)

  According to Reuters, a report commissioned by Greenpeace finds that the entire exercise of making EU energy entirely free from carbon (through the mission of the green revolution) will enable the EU to reap some sweet economic fruits, the tune of €3 trillion by 2050. But that’s not all. By…

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