This Inflatable Space in a Dumpster Enables Urban Hacking

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Inflato DumpsterWith the increasing privatization and commodification of public spaces, how can groups and individuals reclaim pieces of it to disrupt the ‘business as usual’ trend, in order to bring about a better urban environment?

In an inflatable space in a dumpster, of course.

The Inflato Dumpster seeks to serve as a mobile space for large scale “urban interventions” complete with workshops to engage, educate, and yes, hack, urban spaces. This learning laboratory initiative would act as an open and inviting space for all, a “networked node of neighborhood information”, and serve as a gathering space for hosting curated events.

“The Inflato Dumpster will be built from readily available lightweight materials and combined into a structure that can be inflated and occupied. Consisting of gold and silver mylar, it will reflect the light filtering down from the trees and create a shimmering, inviting structure on the street. The logic behind the materials is as follows: up to a datum level of approximately six and a half feet, the structure will be made of clear polyethylene. This is an inexpensive, common and biodegradable plastic material that will allow views both from the street into the space, and from within back out to the street.

The street side will be primarily comprised of gold and silver mylar material with small clear holes throughout to allow light to filter in, evoking the feeling of being under a shaded tree. The highest point on the dome will be approximately 28’ and the space will comprise nearly 2000 cubic feet of overall volume. The sidewalk side will be built from faceted white tyvek building wrap, used both for its lightweight capabilities and also to provide a surface for projections of film and data. The final and most important material is of course the dumpster, a 30 yard refuse container that is 23’ long by 8’ wide and will form the solid base of the intervention.” – Inflato Dumpster

The project is an initiative of the Department of Urban Betterment (DUB), and is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter. If the campaign reaches its goal of raising $3700 in the next 10 days, Inflato Dumpster will attempt to redefine urban spaces with a mobile installation this fall. The money raised by the campaign will be used for the construction materials, rental of the dumpster, and basic electronics and LEDs for producing the educational portion of the project. check out this great guide on purchasing investment property.

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