InterfaceRAISE Emerges as Prime Resource for Sustainability Education, Cultural Transformation and Innovation

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Photo18 Twelve years into its sustainability journey, and now in full swing with its Mission Zero™ promise, Interface has launched InterfaceRAISE a corporate consulting resource that will further amplify Interface’s long standing efforts to educate others seeking to implement the necessary steps for becoming sustainable.

Having already piloted the InterfaceRAISE concept with leaders at Wal-Mart, General Mills, Sara Lee and NASA, Interface has taken another sizeable step in its mission to "lead others forward through the power of its influence," sharing best practices and tailoring its own tools for successful application in numerous other industries.

"This new Interface business was formed in keeping with Interface’s desire to share its passion for sustainability with others, a formalization of what we have been doing for years," said Neel Bradham, vice president of business development, Interface, Inc. "At a time when historic trends are reshaping the competitive landscape and encouraging more businesses to take notice, InterfaceRAISE provides the ideal platform for educating stakeholders on the full scope of sustainability and its virtues for adding value to the bottom line."

Visit InterfaceRAISE to learn more.

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