Mission Markets: The World’s First Impact Investing “stock market”

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Mission Markets is the world’s first fully functional, FINRA-regulated electronic impact investment platform.  Its mission is to provide the essential infrastructure to scale the social and environmental markets by facilitating transparency, efficiency, and impact measurement.  It is one step closer to achieving scale with its first two investments on its Impact Investment Platform.

According to Mission Markets‘ website, the Impact Investment Platform connects Impact Investors with sustainable enterprises and organizations that generate positive social and environmental impact.  The Platform includes capital raising and  secondary liquidity transactions for:

  • Private unregistered debt
  • Private equity
  • Private partnership interest
  • Eco-Notes – Environmental credit backed debt securities
  • Co-op shares
  • Profit sharing notes
  • Water banks, fisheries permit banks
  • Primary and secondary market for direct and intrastate public offerings
  • Private funds – Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Project financing
  • Ecosystem and fisheries notes backed by environmental credits and fisheries permit

Sectors supported include:

  • Community Investment
  • Social Enterprises
  • Social Investment Funds
  • Global Microfinance
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Cooperatives
  • Water Supply Markets
  • Climate and Renewable Energy
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Sustainable Fisheries
  • Sustainable Infrastructure

Mission Markets also maintains The Earth Exchange, the first centralized exchange facilitating transactions for multiple environmental credits, transferable development rights (TDR’s), fisheries catch shares and water rights transfers and leases.

According to CSRwire’s press release, the Impact Investment Platform alone clears the path for a new $400 billion to $1 trillion industry to thrive.  The impact investment community will surely pay close attention to this unique marketplace for raising capital.

Image Credit:  lumaxart via Flickr under CC license.

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