NewSchools Venture Fund

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NewSchools Venture Fund is a venture philanthropy firm working to transform public education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs.  NewSchools was founded in 1998, by social entrepreneur Kim Smith and venture capitalists John Doerr and Brook Byers.  Their efforts help to create new for-profit or nonprofit organizations that when successful, often inform changes to public policy and thus spark broad systemic change.  NewSchools’ co-founders believed that they could catalyze the dramatic change necessary in public education by providing strategic, hands-on support to entrepreneurs and helping them grow their solutions to scale. 

NewSchools has worked to dramatically improve public education for low-income and minority children in urban communities that have traditionally been underserved by their public schools. To achieve this goal, they support education entrepreneurs who create high-quality education ventures, and we provide thought leadership across traditional education boundaries to ensure that public school systems become performance-driven organizations that serve all students well.

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