Non-Profit Startup Fights Hunger with Food Waste

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Feeding ForwardIn a world with massive amounts of wasted food, yet millions still go hungry, one startup wants to connect the dots and fight hunger by using excess consumable food waste.

Feeding Forward, currently operating in San Francisco and the East Bay, aims to make it simple and easy to fight hunger, using just your phone. The company has a software platform that can match up donated food with organizations in need, which has the potential to alleviate some of the needs of the hungry through their app.

“Feeding Forward’s online platform helps those with excess consumable food instantly share with human service organizations in need. It creates a community — a virtual marketplace where people’s food needs are matched with donations. Using the web and mobile phones, we can solve America’s hunger paradox.” – Feeding Forward

Here’s how it works:

Donate: A company with excess food posts a donation through our iPhone App or website.

Dispatch: Our algorithm matches the donation with a nearby recipient organization, based on their needs, as well as a volunteer who is available to come pick it up. All parties are alerted.

Deliver: The volunteer picks up and delivers the donation to the recipient, and we confirm that everything went smoothly.

The iPhone app is currently available, and an Android version is coming soon, but if you don’t have a smartphone, Feeding Forward’s online portal allows users to donate online. For more information, see Feeding Forward’s FAQ page.

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