Portable Communications Soon To Rely on Renewable Energy

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We’ve all been hoping for that magic green solution to powering the increasing number of electronics imbedded in our communications hungry lifestyle. Freescale Semiconductor has an answer for us in the way of a new power conversion technology. Hoping to have the product released in mid 2009, one of the effects of the technology is that “a single solar cell attached to a mobile phone or other handheld device could charge the gadget” reported Todd Wooder for the Green Wombat.

The chip responds to some fundamental problems in solar technology:

1. The unwieldy size of the photovoltaics (PVs) required to power or recharge the battery of a component

2.  The significant drop in energy output of a PV array when some of the panels are shielded from the sun

Addressing the latter, given that the converter can be integrated into each solar cell, buildings depending on solar power can expect a significant increase in energy conversion even when some of the panels are shaded; more power created, requiring fewer panels. Cool! One of the companies interested in incorporating the technology into its panels is Suntech Power Holdings (STP)

As for our portable communications addiction, we may soon be able to live a guilt reduced life as we power those social media and IM wielding components with the renewable energy of solar power -without having to carry the power source in its own attache.

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