Recycling and Donating Old Cell Phones Made Easy Thanks to New Partnership of Nonprofits With the Wireless Alliance

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Featpic_redwoods Recycling and donating your old, used cell phone is easier than ever before, thanks to a unique partnership that was announced today. Community Computer Connection, which refurbishes and donates computers to underserved communities and schools in Colorado, and Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse, a nonprofit that donates office supplies and furniture to community-based organizations, have partnered with The Wireless Alliance, a Boulder-based organization that collects, refurbishes and recycles used cell phone equipment to encourage the recycling of old cell phones and to save Colorado’s environment from the devastating impact of improperly disposed electronic equipment.

Any individual or organization looking to recycle a cell phone, battery or charger can now request a specially marked drop-off collection box or make an on-line donation at, making cell phone recycling easy and convenient. For each cell phone collected, Community Computer Connection and Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse will receive funds from The Wireless Alliance that will be used to enhance their operations, including purchasing spare parts for computer refurbishment, truck repairs and warehouse utilities.

“It is estimated that about 150 million cell phones will be discarded this year, all of which are almost entirely recyclable” says Jared Polis, founder and president of the Jared Polis Foundation, which operates one of the partnering organizations, Community Computer Connection. “End-of-life electronics contain lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, chromium and other hazardous waste that is released when we dump old computers in landfills. Refurbishing and recycling old electronic equipment is essential for protecting Colorado’s environment.”

“The Wireless Alliance has a “zero waste” policy that ensures all unused cell phone materials are recycled and waste is minimized according to national and state regulations,” said Jon Newman, Vice President of The Wireless Alliance. “We’re honored to be the cell phone recycling partner for these organizations and are excited to make their recycling programs a success.”

Since 2001, The Wireless Alliance has reclaimed over 500 tons of wireless cellular equipment from landfills. During the same period, Community Computer Connection has refurbished and donated more than 13,000 computers, saving Colorado’s landfills from 400 tons of materials and 30 tons of lead. Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse redistributes over 80 tons of reused materials annually.

“This innovative partnership capitalizes on our shared interest in extending the life of electronics and our common goal of protecting the environment,” says Polis. “Now, any individual, organization or business in Colorado that wants to put old computers, office supplies, furniture or cell phones in good use will be fully served from start to finish by making one call. The synergy of this collaboration with The Wireless Alliance will strengthen our effort to close the digital divide for low-income students and families and better serve youth and schools in Colorado’s underserved communities.”

“We are very excited to help promote the safe disposal of old cell phones and invite the public to join us in improving environmental awareness and social responsibility,” says Heather Dolan, executive director of the Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse. “Cell phone recycling drop-off boxes, provided free of charge by The Wireless Alliance, can be placed in office buildings, shops, malls, or anywhere else with people traffic. Individuals also have the option of making an easy, on-line cell phone donation through the websites of the Jared Polis Foundation and Providers’ Resource Clearinghouse.”

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