Republicans Fail Basic Math

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No one’s saying that its never been better.

No one’s saying that Obama waved a magic wand and made it all alright.

No one’s saying that our economy has never been stronger, that we can all now relax and ease on into an era of unprecedented prosperity and comfort…

But the republicans need a better pitch.  “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?”  The answer, is yes.

Ahhh…who can forget those salad days of late 2008…when the unemployment rate was soaring, the stock market was plunging, home foreclosures were piling up, corporate profits were sinking…good times.

UNLIKE in late 2008, jobs are now being created not lost, GDP is rising not falling, corporate profits are (waaaaaaay) into the black…

Even Romney admitted that things were better to Laura Ingrahm, liberal darling conservative radio hero:

ROMNEY: Well, of course it’s getting better. The economy always gets better after a recession, there is always a recovery. […]

INGRAHAM: Isn’t it a hard argument to make if you’re saying, like, OK, he inherited this recession, he took a bunch of steps to try to turn the economy around, and now, we’re seeing more jobs, but vote against him anyway? Isn’t that a hard argument to make? Is that a stark enough contrast?

ROMNEY: Have you got a better one, Laura? It just happens to be the truth.

Mitt Romney, flip-flopperYou see, Laura, I was FOR us being worse off before I was against us being worse off.  Actually…no…I misspoke

Republicans should be jumping for joy!  Corporate profits jumped to record highs at the end of last year.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 18% from 4 years ago (and about 100% from its early 2009 low).  I mean, income taxes are at their lowest levels in more than 50 years!!

Well…I guess “vote for me because I’m worth $250 million” isn’t going to catapult Mitt Romney into the White House this November.

Is it perfect, no?  Do we have more work to do?  Clearly.  But we’ve racked up some pretty considerable achievements under our current President (Iraq War = over, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell = over, Osama Bin Laden = dead, automobile industry = saved, renewable energy generation = doubled…).

Are we better off than we were 4 years ago?  Yes.

Good luck, Mitt.

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