Taking San Francisco forward into a new era of Sustainability

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San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, is known for his particularly progressive thinking when it comes to developing the economy of San Francisco.

According to the Long Now Foundation, which recently sponsored a presentation by him, mayors are the most powerful politicians in America, right up there with county supervisors. This is why cities pay so much attention to each other and learn so much from each other.

We have already seen this with San Francisco and Portland who have set off an EV turf war. Mayor Newsom has now become a regular contributor to Green Options media, talking about his Ocean Wave Energy project, and his commitment to the development of city infrastructure for electric cars.

Watch this wonderful and inspiring presentation where he talk about the importance of sustainability in the economic and infrastructural development of San Francisco. With observations and analysis relating to what development in other parts of the country and world, the insightful mayor touches on a number of important and pertinent issues related to San Francisco’s green economy – solar power development, water, biodiesel, electric vehicles and much more.

You can also follow Mayor Newsom on twitter –  @gavinnewsom or visit his website www.sfgov.org/site/mayor.

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