The Anniversary Party

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Happy Anniversary, American Jobs Act!

It was just a year ago Saturday that Obama introduced you to congress, and the country.  As the economy continued to sputter along (albeit, in a positive direction) following the 2008-2009 crisis and the emergency injection of funding from the Stimulus Act, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle came together to provide another boost:  one that experts agreed would create millions of jobs, trim billions off the deficit, increase gross domestic product, and –


The Republicans filibustered the bill.  The minority party blocked even consideration of the bill on the floor of the House of Representatives.  Why?  Because it would have passed on a majority vote…and, one might argue, potentially make Obama and the Democrats look good, what with all the job creation and such.

And besides…”experts agreed”?  Come on, don’t you mean “liberal dreamers?”  No, actually.  I mean those extremely non-liberal organizations like Moody Analytics (the global credit ratings agency) and Goldman Sachs (ever heard of them?).

But never you mind.  Luckily, the Republicans had a plan.

The next day, the Republican-dominated house sent a bill to the Senate…barring federal funding for abortions, and allowing doctors to refuse to perform an abortion (regardless of the health of the mother) if it violated their personal beliefs.

This, mind you, was instead of a combination of tax cuts for small businesses (and we all know Republicans hate tax cuts) and small but crucial investments in infrastructure — amounting to approximately 4% of the amount needed for the U.S. to remain competitive globally, according to the Urban Land Institute.


So, when Mitt Romney suggests that Obama’s handling of the economy was “a moral failure of tragic proportions”, lets remember who had the new ideas for boosting the economy, and who wanted to bring the United States back to the “glory days” of 1973, while doing everything in their power to ensure that congress, the President, and the country, fail.

Nice job, Republicans.

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