The Sierra Club’s “Building Better II”

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Buildingbetter2006In Building Better II, the Sierra Club presents 10 outstanding examples of new development that use innovative and environmentally sensitive methods of stormwater management. Polluted stormwater runoff and sewer overflows associated with poor stormwater management are toxic to our rivers, bays and other bodies of water.

As development occurs, public officials, planners, developers and others must seek better methods of managing stormwater. The following ten examples – from urban greening projects to restored prairies and wetlands – demonstrate what some of the nation’s leading communities, institutions, developers, and others are doing to protect our water quality.

Just as last year’s Building Better report highlighted best practices in development and attracted wide interest and positive attention from the nation’s industry leaders, The Sierra Club hopes this year’s "Clean Water Edition" of the report will prompt stronger, more natural, stormwater management methods from public and private sectors alike.

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