Trinity Oaks Vineyards Plants 10 Million Trees

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Trinity Oaks One Bottle One Tree 10 Millionth Tree Planting with BottlePlanning for the future of the planet should be just as much a part of a company’s strategy as their plans for the immediate future, and if more businesses adopted the method that one vineyard uses, our future could be much more leafy and green.

Thanks to Trinity Oaks’ One Bottle One Tree® program in conjunction with The Tree Center, the vineyard has helped to plant 10 million trees since its inception in 2008. For each bottle of their wine that is sold, the company donates funds to Trees for the Future in order to plant a beneficial tree in areas in need of reforestation.

“The mission of the One Bottle One Tree® program is to help restore tree cover and to plant trees in areas of the world most in need of reforestation — primarily in tropical locations that have the most beneficial impact on the environment — by using agroforestry techniques tailored to the needs of the community.” – Trinity Oaks

In addition to supporting this important mission, Trinity Oaks also sources their bottle labels and marketing materials from 100% post-consumer recycled paper, uses bottles made from 50% recycled glass, and the capsule on the top of each bottle is made from EarthFirst® PLA film, which is compostable. The company also composts their grape skins, stems, and seeds to use in their vineyards, and has reduced their water consumption from an industry average of 5 gallons of water per gallon of wine to just 1.5 gallons of water.

Find out more about Trinity Oaks at their website, or visit One Bottle One Tree®.

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