Turning Refrigerants from Consumables into Trackable and Tradable Assets

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refrigerantsA major shift in thinking about the nature and value of refrigerants in businesses could be possible, if instead of seeing them as consumables, refrigerants were seen as assets, capable of being trackable, and tradable, just as other commodities are.

The launch of a new system designed for tracking every single pound of refrigerant in a business’ operations, from its purchase to its effective end of life (EOL), could radically change the way refrigerants are managed and maintained over their life, as well as recouping some of their cost at EOL.

“Refrigerants have long been viewed as a compliance and financial burden for business. Our new system is a fundamental shift in approach, treating the hundreds of millions of dollars that businesses like supermarkets have tied up in refrigerants as a valuable commodity. And, because businesses protect assets and don’t allow them to vanish into thin air, the environment benefits as well. It really is a win-win for everyone.” – Matt Jones, EOS Climate CEO

Called the Refrigerant Asset System™ (RAS), the platform is said to be able to accurately capture the value of refrigerants through an integrated and complete tracking system, enabling advanced sustainability metrics and real-time supply chain transparency for compliance reporting.

“The Refrigerant Asset System™ by EOS Climate is the first system to offer a complete solution for refrigerant management, including tracking of every pound of refrigerant from purchase through to end of life, complete transparency of where refrigerant is, how much there is, and how much it’s worth, and multiple paths for asset optimization and monetization, making sure YOU profit from your asset, rather than others. Refrigerant Asset System puts you in control of your refrigerant assets, enabling you to derive more economic value from them throughout their lifecycle, whether in inventory, in equipment or at end of life. While your company benefits financially, the environment benefits too.” – EOS Climate

If your business uses refrigerants and is interested in exploring a complete supply chain solution for managing their use and capturing their value as an asset, instead of a liability, you can get more info on the Refrigerant Asset System from EOS Climate.

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