What’s Your Green Twist? Are You Positioning for Green?

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When I look at my email inbox, it seems that double-digit percentages of incoming emails now have something to do with green. Manufacturers, retailers, service providers — they are all finding green angles to their company announcements. Even opening a Twitter account is an excuse to say marketing is going green by reducing the amount spent on print.

As I was participating in an online discussion as part of an industry discussion group, I was pleased to see that a regional lettershop, St. John Associates, was also promoting its sustainability efforts. At the bottom of its posts, as part of its company signature, it included the following:

We are an EPA Certified Green Power Partner!

We buy enough monthly Wind Power RECs to offset 50% of our electricity usage and enough monthly Carbon Offset credits to cover 100% of our direct emissions!

Want to know more about our environmental efforts? Visit our website at . . .


I was impressed. This company wasn’t just promoting “the usual” green efforts. These were real, tangible efforts toward sustainability. (Unfortunately, when I went to visit the company’s website to find out more, I couldn’t find the additional information, but this in no way diminishes its accomplishments.)

It was also interesting to see how St. John chose to incorporate its green positioning into its social media posts. It chose to make these green initiatives part of its identity, just as others might market their top products or services.

This leads me to wonder—what’s YOUR green twist? Marketing studies repeatedly confirm that consumers are looking to buy from companies that care about the environment. At a corporate or business level, are you looking for ways to let your customers and prospects know about your commitment to green? If not, you should be.

Don’t just let your green consciousness absorb information from great sites like IE. Turn that green consciousness around and point it at your customers!

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