Which companies are doing the most solar? Costco? REI? Google? Mars?!?

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Companies are looking to renewable energy in growing numbers, both for cost-savings in the long term, but also for public relations benefits. Whatever the motivation, these companies are moving markets by creating demand for renewables in their many forms.

The list below is a top 20 of companies that have gone solar. The list contains some of the usual suspects, like CSR champions Google, REI, and CostCo, but also contains quite a few surprises. Check it out and let us know what you think–are there companies here that surprise you? Are there companies that are missing that you thought would be there?


Who’s Going Solar? 20 of the US’ Largest Companies (New List: Top 20 Commercial Solar Users) (via Clean Technica)

  The top commercial solar users in the US have been revealed by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and Vote Solar. They were revealed yesterday at Solar Power International 2012 in Orlando. The companies are simply ranked by ranked by cumulative solar energy capacity. I’m a much bigger…

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