Yes, Virginia, There IS an Environmental Alternative to Foam Board

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Want an environmental alternative for direct mail marketing? No sweat. Pick your green. 100% PCW. Environmental certifications. Paper that sprouts seeds when planted. Want an environmental alternative to foam core? Not such an easy proposition. That’s why it’s exciting to see real investments from major players in this space.

One such investment was announced at the HOW Design Conference, held June 6-9 in Denver, CO. Finch Paper, a long-time leader in environmental responsibility, announced that it will now manufacture Enviroboard, a greener and more sustainable alternative to traditional foam core.

The product was designed and developed in cooperation with conVerd, LLC.  Finch used Enviroboard in the construction of its HOW exhibit, the Mile-High City.

Foam Core Alternative is Recyclable

The Finch exhibit at the HOW Conference is a standing structure printed on Enviroboard and supported by a wood easel. Both materials are certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council and can be either reused or 100% recycled.

EnviroBoard incorporates five plies of a proprietary Finch paper into a multidimensional, rigid and moisture proof composite board. It is directly printable by a variety of printing technologies or suitable as a laminating base for offset printed designs.

EnviroBoard is is compatible with most modern automated cutting systems and can be die-cut.  Several precision cut pieces attached to the Finch display create a 3-D effect, and illustrate the ease in customizing shapes when using the product.

Unlike many foam boards and corrugated plastic boards, Enviroboard is recyclable and achieved FSC-certification as well as recyclability certification from the Department of Wood and Paper Science at North Carolina Sate University.

Although the product itself does not appear to be new, what is new is the fact that it is being taken under the wings of Finch Paper, which is now using its own substrates to produce it.

Normally, I don’t cover outright product introductions, but so many of my posts on green alternatives for promotional products seem to be generating a lot of interest lately, so I thought this particular topic might be of interest to IE readers.

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