You Think You Might start a Green Business?

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Our aching planet just needs you to be thoughtful as you plow into your next venture. If you are, everyone wins, and wins sustainably into the indefinite future.

A sustainable business considers the impacts of every facet of its operation and then attempts to address each, from paper consumption to human resources, in a way that does, ideally, no harm. Instead it supports the conservation of resources for infinite future use and enjoyment. A sustainable business plan affirmatively avoids “burning anything out”, from trees to human health, while it marches towards economic development.

The model of Sustainable [Economic] Development, what I have named “Sustonomy”, is a goal whose bar can be high but for which we make the reach anyhow, knowing that the planet we live on has reached its limit. Opportunities for Green businesses are myriad.

If you’re an entrepreneur moving in that direction, know that businesses with a focus on sustainability have a unique set of concerns. However, there are consultants who can help you, and you don’t need to start from scratch researching the fundamental components of a business. From production to administration to marketing, there are specialists who not only apply themselves with an unusual passion (they are often environmentalists at heart), they come with on-point educational credentials.

On the production front, Bryan Sheehan, M.S., one of the The Long View’s radio hosts, has considerable insights as evidenced by the content he brings to his monthly interviews. Jeffrey Everson, PhD  is another. Jeff specializes in renewable energy impassioned by what he researches about Peak Oil.

Find a Sustainability or Green Business consultant in your area. It’s likely you can bend her or his ear if your approach ventures to help reverse the environmental blows of the past while helping you build your financial security for the future.

 “Growth for the sake of growth is the philosophy of a cancer cell” said Edward Abbey.

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