Free the Korean Economics Blogger!

Free the Korean Economics Blogger

In a chilling precedent for economics bloggers around the globe, a South Korean economics blogger was arrested, and charged with “Spreading false economic information on the internet.” If convicted, the Korean economics blogger, could serve 5 years in jail.

Apparently “Minerva”, the internet pseudonym for the arrested Mr. Park aka “economic president of the internet”, gained a large following by accurately predicting the financial collapse.  “Minerva” went too far and committed a crime, according to the judge and reported by the Associated Press, by claiming on an internet discussion board that the South Korean government ” had ordered major financial institutions and trade businesses not to purchase U.S. dollars.”  His posting “affected foreign exchange markets and the nation’s credibility,” said the judge.
At this time it is impossible to verify whether the accusations are accurate, in any case Mr. Park pleaded not guilty to all charges at his court hearing on Saturday, and is receiving wide spread support in the Korean Blogosphere.

You can show your support for Mr. Park, by sending a message to the Honorable Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Lee Tae-sik, and demand that his government immediately release Mr. Park and respect free speech on the internet.  You can also help to keep the internet free, by supporting the premier internet watchdog group, the “Electronic Frontier Foundation” with a much needed donation.

As an economics blogger myself, who also predicted the financial collapse, the ability to share with my readers my thoughts and yes predictions is compromised by the action of the Korean Government.  Economics is all about predicting the future, economists spend half of their time predicting the future, and the other half revising their predictions.  Without predictions there would not be economics.

Thankfully, Mr. Park is receiving backing from the main Korean opposition party as well as from human rights activists, so I predict that Mr. Park will be released shortly. After, you have contacted the Korean Embassy, of course.

In a show of solidarity with our Korean colleague, the Inspired Economist welcomes you to leave a comment below, with your economic predictions for 2009.

Photo Credit: Mikey G Ottowa under a Creative Commons License.

Written by Ramsay Mameesh

When Ramsay Mameesh is not writing for The Inspired Economist, he is trying to save the world, by getting people to retire. Ramsay Mameesh holds B.S., appropriately named, degrees in Business, Marketing and Economics. He has over ten years of corporate bank marketing experience, as well as start-up, and small business experience. Ramsay Mameesh lives in San Francisco, CA., with his wife and fish. Neither one is called Wanda. I knew you'd ask.


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  1. Mr.park ( Minerba)is the internet bloger(not professioner econmist).
    In korea there are a lots of garbage,,,
    Begin with president..
    The people who work with goverment is crazy with Japan. They are engage in politcs…
    They are doing the right-witng politics…
    They have no political ethics,political ideas….
    They are afraid of people’s eyes…
    If there is no national problem…. people will watching what the goverment doing..
    So,The president (Mr.Lee) a premeditated political conspiracy.

  2. I heard this blog from Korean reports. This is really an odd thing to happen in 21st century, and somewhat very sad truth for the Korea. Our so-called ‘elected’ president NEVER realize what he is saying, doing, and even thinking!!! He is even way~ worst than Bush (can you ever imagine how bad it can be???). We, Korean, will do whatever it takes to free the Minerva without any harm. And I really hope that justice will be served. Thanks for your blogging, Ramsay.

  3. Hi, Ramsay
    This is real interesting article. I’ve truly enjoyed it. Hope this online alliance movement will spread out globally. Also hope bloggers all around the world can have freedom of speaking.
    Wish you good luck on year 2009 🙂

  4. I´d like to express my heartfelt thanks to you from 5,000miles. I was shame when Mr.Park arrested by goverment’s powerless. The korea goverment didn’t care people’s opinion. They just regrards a people’s opinion as a complaint. Some korea mass medaia( drive people into a corner with lies that they said “Some people(like Mr.Park) want to a coup detat”.
    Thank you,
    Best regards
    Do not worry, The korea goverment cannot arrest you.

  5. This is all because of one stupid Korean president. That’s all. He’s nicknamed “Korean Bush” and “2MB capacity” by all the citizens of Korea. Korean government has been doing fine until this butt-head became the president.

  6. I have read the most articles by Minerva and actually his articles were not that good. They had more wrong predictions than correct ones and they are full of useless cynicism. The current bad economic situation made his viewpoint more appealing.

    But arresting him? A nonsense. The government economic officials have made more incorrect predictions than this poor blogger. “Say only true things” means ‘don’t say anything’.

  7. Thank you for your kindness attention on Minerva.

    He should be released now because he has right to express his thoughts and feeling. It is problem of right of expression. I know S Korea is democratic country.

    Thanks again.

  8. All the lovers of freedom of expression of the world,
    please show your concern by sending request to free
    the innocent economic blogger in korea.

  9. Thank for your concern on the economic blogger’s arrest by korean government to conceal their failure
    in economic policies.

  10. We are not fools. As much as the government likes to believe that we are, you can only get so far with weak excuses. Having read nearly all of his postings, one in which Minerva advises us to study foreign languages(yes), I know that his intentions were nowhere near disturbing us with rumors.

    If the government wants to be liked, it will behave accordingly. Penalizing free speech is not a solution.

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