Alternative Channel and Rethos Join Forces

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1179256940_rethosAlternative Media Initiative (AMI), a Montreal-based online media company, announced that it has acquired Rethos Inc., creator of, an online community devoted to discussion on social change. Rethos becomes part of AMI’s growing network of online media properties dedicated to sustainable development issues, which already includes Alternative Channel, a multilingual video platform for individuals, non-profit organizations and businesses.

AMI now boasts the most complete, global network of online applications devoted to sustainable development. Including its newly acquired assets, the company now has growing user bases in North America, Europe and South America, more than 400 subscribed non-profit organizations worldwide and satellite offices in Paris and New York, in addition to its Montreal headquarters.

"When you’re in the business of social change, joining forces with like-minded organizations is a must," said Paul Allard, CEO of AMI. "Together, Rethos and AMI have become a global, multilingual and multimedia suite of online tools to drive social change."

Technologically, AMI can now offer its users, non-profit partners and advertisers a video blog application, a social networking platform, content distribution services and a Facebook application designed for social and political debate. Within a matter of months, the company plans to make the entire network available in French, Spanish and English.

"This alliance gives our users and partner organizations a complete online toolkit to help them broadcast their messages and fulfill their missions," said Jordi Duran di Batidor, AMI’s Geneva-based CTO. Batidor was tight-lipped about technological enhancements to come, simply saying, "We have a full slate of new features to deploy during the next 6 to 9 months. In terms of features, we’re just getting started."

Today’s announcement will add to the excitement at the upcoming Alternative Channel Forum, a conference on "social networks and responsible media" that AMI is hosting in Barcelona on April 30th. "The timing of this alliance could not be better," noted Pablo Salzman, former COO of Rethos who will now be tackling AMI’s non-profit partnerships. "The Forum next month will be a great chance to showcase our growing network."

Current non-profit partners of AMI include the World Wildlife Fund, Doctors Without Borders and Rainforest Alliance, among many others.

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