Bank of Kyoto Starts Loans, Bonds for Eco-Friendly Firms

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The Bank of Kyoto, a regional bank in Kyoto, Japan, offers eco-friendly companies the "Kyoto Eco-Loan" with preferential interest rates and "Kyoto Eco-Private Placement" with favorable commission rates for issuing privately placed bonds. The Bank is providing these services in an effort to financially support enterprises that are recognized as promoting environmentally friendly activities.

As Japan for Sustainability reports,

The environment-oriented services are available for companies: (1) that have acquired certification of the Kyoto Environmental Management System (KES), ISO 14001, or "Eco Action 21" program created by the Ministry of the Environment; (2) that have been certified, authorized or awarded by the national or a municipal government for their eco-conscious management; and (3) that use their funds in ways to help conserve the environment.

Via:(Japan for Sustainability)

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