Center for Resource Solutions Launches North America’s First Environmental Tracking Network for Renewable Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

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In coordination with two regional environmental tracking systems, the Center for Resource Solutions today launched the Environmental Tracking Network of North America (ETNNA) – North America’s first network organization for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions tracking systems and registries.

ETNNA will bring together electricity tracking systems, emissions registries, governmental regulators, and interested market participants to promote the coordination and cooperation among environmental tracking systems throughout North America. Such coordination will encourage trade, create a common currency for certificates of generation, prevent double-counting, and support existing and emerging markets for renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

ETNNA’s role will be particularly beneficial as regional environmental markets continue to grow and collide. By helping resolve compatibility and coordination issues between tracking systems, ETNNA will facilitate the growth of the markets they support.

"This is the first organization of its kind to offer a forum that brings together stakeholders and tracking systems covering this broad geographic scope—across the U.S., Canada and Mexico," said John Pappas, Chairperson of the Western Renewable Energy Generation Information System (WREGIS) Committee.

Via:(Center for Resource Solutions)

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