✅ All InspiredEconomist articles and guides have been fact-checked and reviewed for accuracy. Please refer to our editorial policy for additional information. is a comprehensive directory of corporate non-financial (environment/social/sustainability/CSR) reports. Established as a free service by Next Step Consulting in 1998, the site aims to provide access to all current reports, as well as developing an archive of all reports published since 1990.

The thousands of featured company profiles and report profiles are searchable using a range of parameters.  Both hard copy and electronic report formats are included, with the PDF versions viewable and directly downloadable.  New reports are added every week, as they are published.

There are two broad audiences for the site:

  1. Reporting stakeholders, who need a single authoritative point of reference to track and access the thousands of CSR, sustainability and related non-financial reports published worldwide.
  2. Reporting companies, who need to disseminate their reports to an informed, global audience. After investing time and expense in their reporting programmes, companies often find it difficult to identify and communicate with their CSR stakeholders – this site provides the vital link between the providers and the users of corporate non-financial information.

Via:(Next Step Consulting) 

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