Dell Sets Goal Of Becoming Greenest Technology Company

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Dell today launched a long-term, global effort to partner with its customers to become the greenest technology company on Earth for the long-term. The new Zero Carbon Initiative will continue to maximize the energy efficiency of Dell products and over time offset their carbon impact. The initiative includes the efforts of Dell, its employees and its suppliers and will reflect the direct feedback of its customers.

The company also committed to reduce the carbon intensity of its global operations by 15 percent by 2012 and extended its " Plant a Tree for Me" program to Europe, allowing computer users to offset the emissions associated with the electricity their computers use.

" We often characterize a certain age group as typifying a generation, like the ‘Me Generation,’ ‘Gen X’ or ‘Gen Y,’ but it’s clear today that we’re living in the ‘Re-Generation,’ which includes people of all ages throughout the world who want to make a difference in improving the Earth we all share," said Dell Chairman and CEO Michael Dell in comments marking World Environment Day. " Our goal is simple and clear. We’ll take the lead in setting an environmental standard for our industry that will reflect our partnership with, and direct feedback from, our customers, suppliers and stakeholders, and we intend to maintain that leadership."

In his remarks Mr. Dell also announced that Dell is asking customers for their ideas in building the " greenest PC on the planet." Dell’s call for ideas and more information is on its IdeaStorm site ( today.

The zero-carbon initiative will include IT lifecycle assessments, management of Dell’s direct and indirect climate impacts, reduction of the company’s carbon intensity and partnership with customers.

“Our effort to drive IT simplification from desktop to data center will identify efficiencies that help reduce the carbon impact of our products,” Mr. Dell added. “Dell will do its part to protect the Earth’s climate, from providing energy-efficient IT products, to using environmentally responsible practices we hope others will embrace.”

The efforts are a part of Dell’s drive to reduce complexity for customers and partner with them to protect the environment. Dell will undertake a lifecycle assessment of the carbon impact of an IT product through its supply chain and with input from environmental stakeholders.

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