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Do you need to raise funds for your local school or non-profit organization?  Consider FundingFactory’s funding-through-recycling program.

While funding in a down economy is not an easy task for any kind of venture, schools and non-profits seem to bear the brunt of the recession even more than for-profit companies. But as funding gets even tighter, the concept of a green economy is burgeoning. One company, FundingFactory, actually provides by being the first link in supply chain for re-manufacturing.

Educational and nonprofit fundraising organizations within the continental United States can earn funds for technology, classroom equipment and even cash through FundingFactory’s fundraising-through-recycling program. Each year more than 350 million inkjet and laser cartridges are thrown away. In addition, 35 million cell phones are discarded. Funding Factory, alleviates the volume of waste in landfills while providing a beneficial fundraiser for nonprofit organizations nationwide by purchasing used recyclable cell phones and cartridges.

The concept works like this: FundingFactory sends ‘pick-up’ boxes to schools and organizations, who then fill it with the materials that they would like to recycle. A value is assigned to the box of materials, which can then be redeemed as cash or online points to purchase computer equipment or art supplies.

Launched in 1998 as a project of Environmental Reclamation services (ERS), FundingFactory began when a school in Missouri called in with a request to sell their used cartridges to raise funds for computers. What started out as an experimental exercise soon became a creative source of funds that also helped prevent potentially toxic substances from ending up in landfill.  The concept rolled out to schools and non profits across the country.

But it was the advent of the internet that really tuned things around for FundingFactory.  In a matter of time, their simple paper catalog became an online interactive website. School administrators, hard pressed for time to talk, found value in being able to transact without needing to pick up a phone. The company has raised over $20 million for schools and non-profits from 1998 to 2008.

Although schools and non-profits account for FundingFactory’s largest share, they also service other groups such as churches and boy scout clubs. Businesses who would like to support a local organization can actually ‘Adopt-a-school.’ If you are interested, you simply need to contact FundingFactory to request a list of participating schools in your area.

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