Google Picks as Featured Custom Search Engine

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Google has recognized as an exemplary custom search engine, featuring the site in its "Google’s Picks" section. Green Maven uses Google Co-op Search technology to search the Internet for trusted websites and news related to environmental and social values.

The world’s most comprehensive green search engine makes it easy to "go green".

"People want to go green, but they often don’t know where to start or even what questions to ask," says Joey Shepp, founder of Green Maven. "Green Maven makes searching for all things green as easy as using Google. If you search for socks, you get organic socks. If you search for cars, you get hybrid cars. Our mission is to make it easy for mainstream to go green."

Business tools bring the green economy together:

  • Businesses can add their sites to the green search engine for free, simply by submitting their URLs to Green Maven’s team of editors for approval.
  • Green news feeds are updated daily and categorized in popular channels such as design, energy and lifestyle.

    Widgets and plug-ins allow users to add Green Maven to Firefox, Internet Explorer, blogs, and more:

  • Web users can easily install a browser plug-in on Firefox or Internet Explorer that creates a Green Maven search box in the browser toolbar.
  • Bloggers and webmasters can add a green search box to their sites by installing the Green Maven search widget.
    Recognized in’s Top Ten List of Best New Websites of 2006, Green Maven makes green searches fast, easy, and relevant.

    "Going green has never been easier than with Green Maven," reports Lee Ettleman, TIME.COM. "Editors at the site hand-pick web pages and news items related to the environmental movement-about everything from eco-friendly cities to organic socks-that can then be searched using the Google tool on the homepage or browsed through using a directory."

    Launched in late 2006 by a team of Green MBA graduates, Green Maven now searches over 1 million green web pages. Green Maven was designed with Open Source software by the leading sustainable web strategies firm,, developers of and has been steadily growing since its inception, with over 20,000 unique visitors per month. is responding to a growing segment of the Internet community searching for news, products and services that match their environmental and social values. By making it easy to "go green", is making a green lifestyle available to everyone.

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    2 thoughts on “Google Picks as Featured Custom Search Engine”

    1. Greenona is another green search engine that has launched. It has tag clouds showing what others are searching for and where they are searching from.

    2. Greenona is another green search engine that has launched. It has tag clouds showing what others are searching for and where they are searching from.

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