Grassroots Fundraising from Billionaires

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Billionaire Sheldon Adelson has pledged "limitless" money to defeat Barack Obama

A closer look at Romney’s web advertising shows just how out of touch he is with the common man…or should I say, the common grassroots contributor. Does he really expect a $75,800 contribution from a person browsing the web?

In an earlier column, I asked why on earth Mitt Romney would want to associate himself with “The Donald” and his very strange hair when Trump appears to be the only one who still doesn’t believe Barack Obama was born in the U.S. Romney’s got enough rich folks backing him, and doesn’t need one more (what’s one more bajillionaire, after all?).

Between his own money, the 42 billionaires who contributed to Romney before 2012 and the primaries even began, and one billionaire in particular who’s pledged “limitless” money to defeat President Obama (and has already given $35 million),  Romney’s got a lot of money.

With some of that money, he’s engrossed in a web-based advertising campaign. When I clicked on his ad to find out where he stands on the issues I care about, what I found was that he wasn’t really talking to me after all.

Check it out:

When you click through to Romney’s site from one of his ads, he doesn’t even feign the notion that he’s trying to reach the common person. There are no issues delineated on the landing page. There isn’t even a newsletter. No time for that. But there is a signup for donating $75,800.

Oh, Mitt. And you struggle to understand why you seem “out of touch”.

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