Green URLs: The New Norm

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Is it just me? Or do you notice “green” pages popping up on companies’ websites everywhere?

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Everybody, it seems, has a page promoting their environmental commitment these days. It’s hip to be green. It’s cool to be environmental. I like it. Most of these pages sound about the same, but the fact that they exist is, in my mind, a good thing. I don’t even care if it’s just for the publicity as long as what they are saying is true.

Plus, you know what having these green pages creates? Negative differentiation for those who don’t.

I was just visiting the site of a marketing resources provider. On its green pages, it had the following:

  • Discussion of its use of renewable resources
  • Statements of its commitment to clean, renewable energy, including the development of wind power
  • Link to EnerNOC ( Energy Network Operations Center), which manages the company’s Demand Response Program. (The company also took the time to explain that demand response is a voluntary energy curtailment program, also called load shedding, to reduce load on the energy grid.)
  • Lists of key consumables it uses, including paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. It even described the environmental benefits of these certifications.

The page wasn’t spectacular. It was fine. In fact, it was the page’s ordinariness that was so appealing. It’s becoming normal and expected to have a page like that. It’s yet another show that “green” has become part of our corporate culture and expectation.

Not a bad change in the corporate environment. Sure beats just giving out Dilbert desk calendars.

What’s on your green page?

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