Grocery Stores and Retailers Across the Country ‘Go Green’ With Earthwise Bag Company’s Reusable Bags

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Earthwise Bag Company, Inc. recently announced the nationwide availability of its reusable shopping bags, which offer a durable, functional, and environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic and paper shopping bags.  First introduced late last year in grocery stores, wineries, drug stores, and other merchants across the country, Earthwise’s reusable bags offer an easy, inexpensive way for retailers and consumers alike to "go green," and reduce the waste created by disposable bags.

Pro_item_02 "The statistics are disturbing: 99% of the 100 billion plastic shopping bags used in the US are never recycled, with a single bag taking up to 1,000 years to fully break down. Retailers spend a staggering $4 billion on bags each year – a huge waste of money that also poses a major threat to the environment, from creating pollution to endangering the lives of marine animals and wildlife," said Steven Batzofin, Co-Founder of Earthwise. "Our goal is to encourage people to ‘choose to reuse’ by providing functional, attractive, reusable bags that offer real benefits to retailers and consumers alike."

Earthwise’s full line of grocery bags and wine totes are recyclable, reusable, resistant to corrosion, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, washable, and water-repellent.  Completely lightweight yet extremely durable, a single Earthwise bag can hold more than three plastic bags’ worth of groceries, saving money for retailers while offering added convenience for shoppers. Stores can also make additional profits by selling the Earthwise bags to consumers, and increase brand awareness by customizing bags with their own colors and logo.

"Major corporations like Toyota, Walmart, and BP are spending millions on making the environment a top priority – and with good reason. Whether it’s Al Gore showing us the impact of global warming, or rising gas prices pointing us to search for alternative energy sources, we’ve all become aware of the need to protect our natural resources," said Stan Joffe, Co-Founder of Earthwise. "With Earthwise bags, everyone from large grocery chains, to the neighborhood liquor store, to the everyday shopper, can make a real difference without investing a fortune – by simply reusing their shopping bags."

Earthwise has seen tremendous success with its customers across the nation. Retailers are reporting excellent results, with consumers raving about the convenience, durability, and functionality of Earthwise bags, and actively participating in store programs to reuse bags. In late 2005, a test with Albertsons supermarkets, which started as a 90-day trial in 25 stores, expanded into all nearly 500 California and Nevada locations within a month. In addition to Albertsons, current customers include Kroger, Save Mart, Giant Eagle, Pathmark, and Stop & Shop, with launches also planned for a number of food store chains in the Northeast and across the country in the coming months.

Available today nationwide, Earthwise reusable bags are priced from $.99 retail. Earthwise provides merchants with no-cost consultations on promotional programs and branding to build customer adoption and loyalty, offers quick turnaround on customized orders of any size, and includes free merchandising display racks and signs.

Author: (Earthwise Bag Company, Inc.)

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