How the Growing Power of Business Is Revolutionizing Profits, People and the Future of Both

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1195590695_worldinc_300_2 Traditional thinking often has the worlds of Corporate Capitalism and Social Advocacy on a permanent collision course—at times a violent one—as the fundamental interests of both seem irreconcilably opposed. But today, even now, a movement has emerged in the corporate world that gives members of both sides credible ground to have an optimistic view of their common future.

As power moves into the hands of business, the world increasingly looks to corporations instead of governments or religions to solve its major social problems. Consider:

  • 51 of the 100 largest economies in the world are corporations
  • 40 percent of global commerce takes place between corporations
  • Each of the six largest multinational corporations has annual sales revenues larger than the gross domestic products of all but 21 nation-states
  • World Inc. is a groundbreaking new book by Dr. Bruce Piasecki that shows how products designed with financial, social and environmental values are no longer just benevolent gestures or public relations stunts, but actually give corporations the competitive edge in the global marketplace; thus driving profits and forcing corporate evolution. Conversely, products that do not will be defeated in the marketplace.

    Dr. Bruce Piasecki, nationally-renowned energy and environmental consultant to leading Fortune 500 companies such as Toyota, BP Oil, LP, Suncor Energy and DuPont, describes the rise of Social Response Capitalism and how it is becoming the powerful new benchmark by which corporations will be judged.

    Much more than a contrived lecture on social responsibility, World Inc. gives readers new insights, including:

  • What is the S-Frontier, and how does it affect both business and society?
  • Why does the extinction of 60 percent of the Fortune 500 since 1981 (advent of the personal computer) illustrate the dual-edged power of Social Response Capitalism?
  • How will the ,new corporate trinity competing on price, quality and social needs actually merge and cohere?
  • How is the traditional price-based competition quickly becoming outdated?
  • Why is “World Inc. Social Branding” the definitive major business opportunity for the next quarter century?

    World Inc. is poised to become the next flashpoint in the international corporate business world. Those who embrace and excel at Social Response will be the next generation of business success stories, while those who do not will be left behind. World Inc. is both an exciting, well-informed glimpse into the near future, and a strong, compelling answer to the doomsayers on both sides of the Corporate / Social Advocacy debate.

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