Using Crowdfunding to tell Fair Trade and Supply Chain Stories

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Fair Trace ToolHow can Fair Trade companies tell their story in a way that’s transparent, honest, and informative? If this crowdfunded campaign is successful, it might be as easy as giving people a single, consumer-friendly point of entry for all Fair Trade organizations and companies, either on the web or via an app.

“Many consumers want to make more socially conscious purchases, but lack the information to help make the decision. Many companies have deep fair trade missions and lack to the resources to tell the story. The FAIR TRACE Tool™ answers both needs by bringing the fair trade mission to the consumer in an engaging manner. Before even buying the product, the consumer can visualize the impact their purchase will have on the people who make the product.” – INDIGENOUS

The organic and fair trade fashion company INDIGENOUS has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indigogo to help finance the customization of the company’s Fair Trace Tool, so that organizations and brands that have a compelling fair trade mission, but cannot afford to build their own supply chain transparency tool, can take advantage of this helpful platform. The campaign also seeks to create a fund for ongoing social impact research in the developing world.

Fair Trace Tool

“The Fair TRACE TOOL™ enables companies engaged in fair trade to easily share the personal stories of people and communities in their supply chain, to map product origin, and to provide social impact research data.” – Fair Trace Tool

According to the campaign, an estimated 80% of consumers want to make their purchases more socially conscious, but less than 10% actually follow through on that, mostly due to lack of information. It’s hoped that this new tool can help empower fair trade artisans and companies to tell their story more compellingly and transparently, and in return, help empower the consumer to make socially conscious purchases.

Read more about (and become a backer of) the Fair Trace Tool at Indiegogo.

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