Innocentive and the Rockefeller Foundation Partner with GlobalGiving

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InnoCentive, the global leader in open innovation sourcing announced today that the Rockefeller Foundation has taken action to provide a grant to GlobalGiving, an online marketplace for global philanthropy, to sponsor its use of the InnoCentive Open Innovation Marketplace.

The GlobalGiving network of project leaders serves communities in over 67 countries around the world, helping non-profit grass roots organizations develop high impact solutions to difficult problems. Numerous technical and scientific challenges can affect their ability to serve their communities and expand their services.

"We believe that the InnoCentive Marketplace will efficiently connect our network of project leaders to experts from around the globe who can provide solutions, be it the development of a solar LED light that can illuminate a room or a brick extruder that can help safely make high-quality bricks," said Mari Kuraishi, president of Global Giving. "Finding solutions to these problems will help children in Africa study at night with full light and reduce manual labor in the brick-making industry in Pakistan."

In 2006, The Rockefeller Foundation joined the InnoCentive marketplace to spur science and technology solutions to some of the world’s most pressing development problems. The non-profit Rockefeller Foundation and InnoCentive will bring to bear the talent of thousands of world-class engineers, scientists, inventors, and business people to solve the most pressing and complex humanitarian challenges posed by GlobalGiving project leaders.

"The Rockefeller Foundation grant provides GlobalGiving with resources that will enable this non-profit to continue and to expand its work in designing viable innovations that address basic problems in energy, water and construction materials for people in developing nations," said Dwayne Spradlin, president and CEO, InnoCentive. "We are proud of our contribution to help elevate the living conditions of people in need of assistance."

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