Integrated Recycling System Developed for Waste Plastic

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As Japan for Sustainability reports,

"Yamamoto Eng. Works Co., a manufacturer of waste recycling machines in Tokushima in western Japan, together with the Tokushima Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, Kagawa University and Okura Industrial Co., co-developed a new recycling system for waste plastics in March 2003; all four groups are located on Shikoku Island. The salient point of the system is an integrated recycling process from crushing waste plastic to molding recycled plastic.

The injection compression molding press (called the PPM4-500), which is currently available on the market, was selected by the Shikoku Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry as an immediately effective project under the regional consortium research development program of Shikoku. To make recycled products, the conventional method involves crushing, melting and pelletizing waste plastic, after which pellets are re-melted and molded. However, by eliminating the pelletizing process, which causes marked deterioration of quality and strength, the PPM4-500 has succeeded in integrating the whole process into one continuous operation from crushing to molding."

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