Marketing Report: Making “Green Printing” Work

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An increasing number of marketers are turning to toner- or inkjet-based printing in order to green their print marketing programs. It’s not that offset presses are inherently ungreen. On the contrary, printing as a whole is a whole lot greener than many people give it credit for. But digital printing has some compelling green benefits.

  • Lower start-up waste
  • Smaller, more targeted production volumes
  • Presses with a higher percentage of recycled (or recyclable) parts
  • Lower energy use (in certain cases)
  • Ability to drive document management models that can reduce print waste and unnecessary print volumes that can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time

All the while boosting your marketing effectiveness at the same time.

But for these digital-print-driven applications to work, it takes more than a digital press. That’s just the tool. It’s the smarts behind them — the marketing savvy and understanding of the technology — that drives results. To this end, Digital Printing Reports can released an October 2009 update to its “Digital Printing: Transforming Business Models & Marketing” training and educational report, incorporating the latest software and hardware technologies from Print 09.

The report is designed to help marketers get their minds around the issues that drive digital print production and marketing applications and make the most of them. It has five sections:

  1. Technology discussion from a marketer’s perspective
  2. Application classifications with illustrative case studies
  3. How digital printing greens marketing
  4. More effective ways of evaluating marketing program success
  5. Best practices for greatest marketing impact
  6. Conclusions and additional resources

Incorporating applications driven by digital printing is not only a step in the green direction. Done right, it’s also smart marketing.

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