Mitt Romney announces his first policy plan if elected President

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With attacks on his record as a vulture capitalist seeming to have an effect, and after his “Listen and learn” trip to England and Israel that was supposed to make him look presidential, but instead turned into a “insert foot in mouth” trip, GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s popularity appears to be waning. He managed to write off $77,000 in tax deductions to play dressup with his horse (not kidding), and topped it off when he insulted even conservative politicians in England, the U.S.’s primary foreign partner and ally. Add that to really bending over backwards to please his biggest donor, a billionaire casino owner with strong ties to Israel, during which he managed to completely enrage the Palestinians and ensure that Middle East peace will be completely impossible if Romney is elected, and he’s had a really bad week.

He even managed to get the following headline from the right-leaning American Conservative: “Romney looks like an idiot on foreign policy.

To combat the issue, Romney moved boldly today and answered one lingering criticism, noted by the New York Times last week, that he has, so far, been running “the closest thing to a policy-free campaign” that the author’d seen in his lifetime.

Well…enough of that. Mr. Romney is serious about America. And this week, he announced his first policy in order to show just how serious he is about the job of the president.

Here is his post on Facebook about it:

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