Poll shows jump in optimism on economic outlook: other results mixed

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The most recent poll measuring economic outlook among Americans shows about a 21% jump since the poll was last conducted. In October 2011, only 39% of Americans said they thought the economy was going to be better in a year than it is now. The most recent figure is 60%. The poll, conducted June 28-July 1 with over 1500 respondents, showed that the economy remained a top issue with voters, with 51% saying that the economy was “very important” in influencing their vote this November.

Americans were perfectly divided (48% to 48%) on who would be best to handle the economy as President, between President Obama and presumptive Republican nominee Romney.

More than half of respondents said economic conditions are “somewhat poor” or “very poor”, a trend that has continued back since the collapse of the housing bubble and beyond.

Americans’ opinions on the state of the economy, going back to the collapse of the housing bubble in 2008.

While improving, the stats clearly show that Americans don’t think the economy is very solid right now. That’s the bad news, if you’re Barack Obama (and the good news if you’re the Republican Party).

The good news for President Obama, however, is the 12 month outlook of these same people.

Americans’ opinions on the 12 month outlook going forward in terms of how the economy is going to look. This is a major shift, as 60% of Americans surveyed believe the economy is improving and on the uptick.

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