Resource Centers On Urban Agriculture & Food Security (RUAF)

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Picture_11015Resource Centers On Urban Agriculture & Food Security (RUAF) has functioned since 1999 as a global network of 6 regional organisations that share a common vision on urban development and poverty reduction and together implement an international program focussed on urban agriculture and food security.  The mission of the RUAF Foundation is to contribute to urban poverty reduction, employment generation and food security and to stimulate participatory city governance and improved urban environmental management, by creating enabling conditions for empowerment of male and female urban and peri-urban farmers and by facilitating the integration of urban agriculture in policies and action programmes of local governments, civic society organisations and private enterprises with active involvement of the urban farmers, livestock keepers and other relevant stakeholders.


  • To focus on urban agriculture in its relation to the broader framework of urban development and management, and specifically urban poverty alleviation and local economic development, urban food security and nutrition, urban environmental management and health, gender mainstreaming and social inclusion.
  • By creating better local conditions for concerted public – private actions and policy change regarding urban agriculture, food security and poverty alleviation in cities, in such a way that these action and policies are implemented and designed in interaction with the local community itself, in all its social, economic and cultural aspects.
  • And through promoting the greatest possible exchange of knowledge and experience between people and organisations active in diverse parts of the world.
  • It will do so by close cooperation among a group of regional partners around the world, who interact on their turn with local and national authorities, farmers groups and CBO’s, NGO’s, research institutes and other local stakeholders in urban agriculture, either directly or via strategically selected local partners.

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