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SelfHelp is a community development lender and real estate developer that works with qualified individuals, organizations and communities traditionally underserved by conventional markets. The funds that support their work come from deposits, grants, and other investments made by individuals and institutions across the U.S.

Home & Small Business Lending: Through direct and secondary market lending, they have provided more than $5 billion in financing to more than 55,000 homebuyers and small businesses  nationwide.

Community Facilities Lending: They finance charter schools, daycare centers and other nonprofits because a good education and a strong community are fundamental to the success of our economy.

Real Estate Development: They revitalize residential and commercial properties to spur growth and investment.

Socially Responsible Investments: They offer competitive rates of return on federally insured savings and money market accounts, CDs and IRAs.  They use your deposit dollars to fund mortgages and small business loans to women, minorities, rural residents, and low-wealth families.

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