The Green Festival, Obama and Hillary – What’s The Connection?

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Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, she has always been a champion of Shorebank. Actually both Hillary and President-elect Obama are big supporters of this microlender and their work in both Arkansas and Kenya. This bank, with over $2 billion in assets recently sponsored the After Green Festival Party in San Francisco as part of the Green Festival attended by several of us here at Green Options.


ShoreBank is the only bank in the world that has been Protecting the Environment, Building Community and providing a Social and Financial Return on Investment for over 35 years. The bank’s motto is “Let’s Change the World,” and they make loans that strengthen communities and preserve the environment.

Located in Chicago’s South side, Shore Bank has a history of funding solid alternative energy businesses, environmental protection groups, green collar jobs, sustainable business practices, nursery schools, educational institutions, churches, temples, homeless shelters, NPOs, and much more.

We can expect to see more about Shore Bank as we move into an era with an administration that cares about the Triple Bottom Line.

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