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  • UN Climate Change Conference Creates 13000 Tons Of Carbon

    [social_buttons] The UN Climate Conference in Poznan, Poland, starting today is raising hopes and fears across the green spectrum. As reported in the Christian Science Monitor. A year-long push to devise a new global climate-change treaty – one that picks up where the Kyoto Protocol leaves off – gets under way Monday in Poland, with […] More

  • Will Black Friday Make Black Friday Green?

    A new player in the online world this year is, a website devoted to listing the various deals available on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. Or, this year, maybe not, according to this Black Friday Eve video. [youtube=] In a nutshell, what BlackFridayinfo tries to do is provide consumers […] More

  • Will Green Mac Bring In The Green For Apple?

    Have you checked out the new ad from Apple highlighting their green features? After Greenpeace ranked Apple as the worst technology company in terms of environmental issues, Apple has worked to clean up their act. The new Mac notebooks are their answer. The company touts the devices as “the world’s greenest family of notebooks,” due […] More

  • Obama Might Just Make Green Dreams Come True

    The big news this weekend is Obama’s bold announcement to enact an economic stimulus package and, as those of us in the green movement noted…in the process a commitment to move forward with a green agenda. For a lighter look at what we think he should do, check out this video from Zaproot. [youtube=] More

  • You Can’t Have A Kosher Turkey This Thanksgiving!

    [social_buttons]Are you looking for a Kosher turkey this year? Many interested in organic food are, since Kosher Turkeys are required by Jewish law to be slaughtered in a particular fashion designed to be humane. Sarah Palin’sTurkey video has just increased awareness of the issue this year! They are also often organic by default, that is […] More

  • The Green Festival, Obama and Hillary – What’s The Connection?

    Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, she has always been a champion of Shorebank. Actually both Hillary and President-elect Obama are big supporters of this microlender and their work in both Arkansas and Kenya. This bank, with over $2 billion in assets recently sponsored the After Green Festival Party in San Francisco as part of […] More

  • How#MotrinMom Brought Down J&J

    [social_buttons]If you are an avid Twitter user, you might have been able to notice the power of social media and the perhaps terrifying way this new phenomenon can impact businesses large and small. This past weekend when #Motrinmoms surpassed “Obama” as the most searched for term on Twitter , it forced J&J’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare […] More