Will Black Friday Info.com Make Black Friday Green?

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A new player in the online world this year is BlackFridayinfo.com, a website devoted to listing the various deals available on Black Friday, traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year. Or, this year, maybe not, according to this Black Friday Eve video.


In a nutshell, what BlackFridayinfo tries to do is provide consumers with a quick way to find out the best deals for Black Friday. What it, perhaps inadvertently does is drive consumers online.

At BlackFriday.info, we give you exclusive access to all of the black friday circulars weeks in advance so you can plan your holiday shopping and know exactly what will be on sale on Black Friday. Along with providing shoppers early access to the black friday ads, we also provide tools to help you get the most out of black friday. Using our shopping list, shoppers can make a list of what they want to purchase on Black Friday and then purchase the items online or in-store. Our hot deals section highlights product deals that are available to purchase right now instead of having to wait until Black Friday. Finally, we have a huge selection of online coupons featuring discounts from hundreds of retailers.

And so, drive consumers to more eco friendly behavior. That is, of course a somewhat debatable point- Is shopping online greener than driving to a store? , a hotly debated point on Terrapass.

Most of us think so. Let the holiday shopping begin!

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