Superman Joins the Fight to Save Trees

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Copyright Asgard Press/DC Comics/Warner Bros. 2008Thanks to trailblazing enviro-publisher Asgard Press, Superman, and the other heroes from the DC Universe, will be joining the fight to save the environment.

According to the publisher’s recent press release, the eco-friendly efforts made on these heroes behalf is made possible by a new business partnership between Asgard Press and Warner Brothers subsidiary DC Comics.

Asgard Press is a calendar and stationary publisher founded in 1999 with an interesting premise, to influence one of the largest tree consuming industries from within by proving that consumers would care about and support a business based on providing environmentally friendly paper products.

Originally Asgard helped the environment by making all the images in their calendars, featuring vintage sports images, perforated so that customers could tear out the art print quality images and frame them after the calendar was outdated. In 2007 the company decided to do what they felt was the right thing and switched their entire product line to be produced with 100% recycled paper, 50% post consumer waste, chlorine-free processed paper and printed with eco-friendly soy based inks.

Despite the original skepticism from their industry colleagues, Asgard has continued to thrive and build a growing market. Some of their own competitors are beginning to follow suit, but Asgard is still the only calendar and stationary publisher to use 100% recycled materials.

The high quality of their product and focus on the environment caught the eye of DC Comics in mid-2008. Thanks to their continued dedication and hard work Asgard struck a deal with the comic industry giant and earned the sole rights to produce calendars featuring vintage images of the DC Comics covers such as Superman, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman and others. The company has also landed the rights for calendars of MAD Magazine images as well.

The new 2009 Asgard Press calendars featuring DC Comics and MAD Magazine characters are available in stores and online now. The company plans to continue growing and expanding its eco-friendly products line and explore the opportunities presented by its partnership with DC in the future.

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